Straw-bale buildings in Turkey

In yellow: houses and living places

In violet: eco-centers or community places

In green: public buildings

In black: companies working with straw-bales

The informations above are based on news-papers, internet research and owners own declarations except for the stars which have been visited by the authors or coming from a trusted source.


2 thoughts on “Straw-bale buildings in Turkey

  1. Yeryüzü derneği’nin, Pamukova’daki Saman Balya evini söyleyecektim ki, zaten bulmuşsunuz.
    Orada bir güncük işin ucundan tutmuşluğum vardı 🙂
    İnşallah çoğalır bu yapılar.
    Kolay gelsin size. Esen kalın.

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